The akShara puruSha maNDala of the pUrva srotas

The five faced one manifests as the inactive matter at the origin, the all-pervading matter in the universe and the vaccuum from which all emerges. Hence is worshipped as:
shAntAya namaH | sarvagatAya namaH | shUnyAya namaH |
These three states of the deva are stationed in the akShara puruSha maNDala. The five short vowels are the faces and the 7 long vowels are the limbs of the body. They are conjoined with the nasal bindu. The visarga is the mighty astra, the trishUla of tatpuruSha. All this is shiva and the core is his mahAmantra hauM.

To begin his worship the sAdhaka shall perform the mahAmudrA which is form of the paschimottAsana, with his hands grasping his feet and his head touching the feet. Then he shall perform the nyAsas and meditate upon the maNDala with the mahAmantra.

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