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The substrate in Old Indo-Aryan

Over the past century Western as well as Hindu investigators have noted the substrate in Indo-Aryan. However, identifying its origin has been largely left to the speculative whims of the worker. Dravidian and Austro-Asiatic have been the pet choices, but … Continue reading

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Maharatti and Kannada and more musing on Indo-Aryan

Obivously, Indo-Aryan and Dravidian have been at the center of my linguistic interests because they are the very basis of my cultural and genetic heritage. During my peregrinations in the peninsula I made some observations, and read a work of … Continue reading

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The sarpasattra: vedic and aitihasic.

The sarpasattra as per the itihAsa was the gory sacrifice of janamejaya pArIkshita done to avenge the death of his father parIkShit by the sarpas. The itihAsa states that the interaction between the pANDus, yadus and the sarpa-s was a … Continue reading

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