kubjikA and the pa~nchavaktra mahAdeva

The great tradition of paschimAmnAya goddess, our hallowed mother kubjikA, had a number of streams that are now largely forgotten. One of the older streams before its standardization in the tradition of the kubjikAmata and ShaTsAhasra streams was the worship of kubjikA conjoined with the five headed shiva (distinct from the other representations where she is conjoined with shiva as navAtman (also alluded to in the saundaryalahari; while mainly devoted to kulasundarI, 34, 39 and 41 refer to kubjikA) or has paramashiva above her) . This tradition is associated with ancient pre-matsyendra siddha guru-s like, bhR^igvAnandanAtha, rA~ngulAnandanAtha, samvartAnandanAtha and their wives, and others whose feet are offered tarpaNaM-s in the guru-maNDala. Here she is worshipped with shiva showing all his five faces sadyojAta, vAmadeva, tatpuruSha, aghora and IshAna. He holds a trident and a Damaru. The hallowed mother kubjikA has 6 faces; the cobras karoTaka as a waist band, takShaka as a mid-riff ornament, vAsuki as garland and the venomous cobra kulika as an ear ornament. The great tortoise is her ear stud. She holds in her arms as skull, a king-cobra, a crystal-bead rosary, skull-topped rod, a conch, a book, a trident, a mirror, a straight sword, a gem necklace, an a~NkuSha and a bow. She is of fair complexion like a young jasmine flower. The yantra of this worship is provided above.

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