Aunt Spring on the khANDavan front

With Jx liberated from the grahaNa, and Mn having stabilized his ratha, and jyeShTa-tanu having recovered from his head-shattering blow, aunt spring wanted to move ahead with operations on our front. The muni, a stickler for etiquette, felt that Mn and aunt spring were not observing the appropriate Achara and were hence out of his purview. We interceded with the muni to tell him that the cloud of the attack had not passed and we need to hold together rather than break apart in intercine arguments. The virile taittirIyin was mellowed by the events, even as the brusque shachIva of Mn and Jx was mellowed by the frightening direct hit of the bhAirava arrow he had taken in kAshI. Aunt spring tried to move rapidly on khANDava, even without consulting us, but the last of the victims was struck by a simultaneous utsAdana and stambhana hit. The virile taittirIyin interceded rapidly and controlled the damage limiting it to a fixed duration stambhana. Aunt spring, who had been favored for long by bAlA, immediately rapidly advanced seeing the opportunity on the khANDava front. The khANDavans showed that they were not cowed down and put up a strong attack. Soon the battle grew so intense that as expected we were also drawn into it. Since the AchArya of the virile taittirIyin and ours was the same, there was not much different we could do, beyond deploying the atharvaNa shrutI. But the allies of the khANDavans made sure that we are constantly occupied on our usual battle front to tie up such a deployment.

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