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The deva revanta: Mythology, iconography, history and ritualism

Like kArttikeya, revanta, a once popular deity, has faded from the Hindu mind, with decline of Indic civilization. However, in the south his successor ectype shAstR^i is still worshiped in the folk religion.  We have long wanted collate a file … Continue reading

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The hand of fate

After much struggle our forces fought their way to a strong position on the front of the dvayaM daNDakAH. We were close to taking this much desired and important outpost after a really long drawn conflict. But, just then the … Continue reading

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The makings of "Islamic Science"

“In the time of the Hellenes and during the early days of the empire of the Rum the sciences were honoured and enjoyed universal respect. From an already solid and grandiose foundation, they were raised to greater heights every day, … Continue reading

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The mythology of tirumUlar

It is clear from tirumantiram verses 337 onwards that tirumUlar was an extreme sectarian shaiva. He cites several elements of shaiva mythology, where the aim is plainly to show the supremacy of shiva over other gods. He also sees a … Continue reading

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sundaranAtha (tirumUlar)’s lineage

In the preamble to the tirumantiraM tirumUlar (verses ) gives his lineage thus (translated only loosely during conversation with my clansmen who know the drAviDa bhASha/transliterated from a reading in an old book possessed by them): n^an^dhi aruLpeRRa n^Adharai n^ADiDinseek … Continue reading

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The primitive ape, the red ape and Sivapithecus

Long ago in our earliest youth, we were fascinated to no end by the evolution of anthropoid primates and spent endless hours considering the merits of the Orang, the chimpanzees and the gorilla as our closest cousins. When I was … Continue reading

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Beauty in different degrees of recursiveness

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