The links in the chain

Our ancestors went to the great asura medhira when they were in such a state. But this time we went to deva indra. We extolled the great vR^itrahan: you who gave the yati-s to hyaenas, you who smashed the forts of the dAsas, you who slaughtered the arurmaghas, you who extirpated prahlAda and the pulomas, we offer sacrifice to you. We wish to know what happended after we moved beyond the battle pAShaNda parvata. maghavan said you shall know thus:

The first of the battles actually occurred on vAnara parvata, but that was an old story. If you wished to know about it ask your priya sakhI about the “cool summer afternoon”. The battle between durga parvata and pAShaNDa parvata was definitely hard fought. But you were forced to go beyond the town of pot-graves after that battle. After battle that was fought beyond the city of pot-graves, the amAtya and shachIva thought they were seeing victory and wanted to press hard. But I bade you to stop near the cow-stall. There when you dismounted the ratha you saw the elusive Mercury close to the horizon. Then you composed this ditty. I made sure you came out on the otherside of the blade. But then I measure out things in different measures for all. The balance goes up and down. So I took 2 wicks, and showed them to the loka of mAnuShas. You mAnuShas however saw 8 wicks when there were only 2. Hence, they call me mAyin- the wielder of indrajAla. I asked you all to chose one. You and those who lived beyond the pot-graves, and the khANDavans chose one, while those at the foot of pAShaNDa’s hill chose another. You all thought you had chosen different wicks. But to those who offered me sacrifices I did not yield up to mR^ityu right away, even though she was seeking them. Those who lived beyond the pot graves did not know how to perform yAga-s as you did. But they offered the gods whatever they could. I showed to the AmAtya and shachIva that they lived firmly by dharma, despite being un-educated and not worth the thread slung on their shoulders. Hence, while the visitation of mR^ityu could not be avoided by them, we gave them the new twig. The dwellers of pAShaNDa hill chose the wick well and so they enjoyed its benefits. But they were limited by their own karma. That man whom you saw sitting in the midst of bones and stones had in times before chosen that wick and was rewarded with eko-mAnusha-AnandaH.

As those who lived beyond the pot-graves lived firmly by dharma, like the poor man in kurukShetra, and was favored by the devas, we wished them good.

Then ST told me of the rAkShasa dwelling in asi-parvata, where the muni and me had wandered in our days of youth. She said I wanted to tell you to proceed to asi-parvata but on its foot sits a rAkShasa, on account of which I have lapsed to in sorrow. Transmitting signal. “2 phantoms. 1 silver. 2 gold. gold sought. but phantom. take gold, trivikrama’s daughter. Mn poked by crane again. AmAtya saves him with paste.”

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