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Simplified homA-vidhAnaM

oM gaM gaNapataye namaH X 4 tarpaNaM He first kindles the fire on the sthaNDila with formula: kravyAdam agniM pra hiNomi dUraM yamarAj~no gaChatu ripravAhaH |ihaivAyam itaro jAtavedA devebhyo havyaM vahatu prajAnan || (RV 10.16.9) He then sprinkles water around … Continue reading

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Islamic potentates

By its very existance Islam is a threat to non-Moslems — this is the concept of Dar-ul-Harb and Jihad. Islam can by its very existence be a de facto death sentence for kaffirs like Hindus and is aggressive even towards … Continue reading

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