jIvamUlIya pa~ncha-koNaM cha shulbArIya halaM

We were ruing the crushing defeat on the field code-named jIvamUlIya pa~ncha-koNaM cha shulbArIya halaM by the five mlechCha attackers. We felt like Shivaji after the great fort of Purandar was taken by the ghazis. While we sat ruing our defeat and the loss of the small but strong force sent to wrest the pa~nchakoNa and shulbArIya hala that we much desired, we wished that indra give us victory here. We knew that GS of boundless energy, the descendent of the great dIkshita, was a man who had attained eko-mAnuSha AnandaH. He was never happy though constantly seeking new gaviShTi-s for dhana. We hence thought of our shiShya of great wealth again and hatched a plan for revenge. We told him that all wealth in the gaviShTi was deservedly his, though we wanted the yasha of jayam and more importantly the coveted pa~nchakoNa and ekakoNa. We arranged for a secret force, small but fierce, to be gathered again. We were suffering from the crane-arrow plowing through us as a result of the disasterous khANDavan battle, but GS promised to fight on our pakSha. We equipped him with astra-s as we did before the gaviShTi-s in which he gained his mahAdhana and asked him to boldly advance with a raiding party of his own. His dauntless cousin of droNa-like tenacity joined him in the raid with another small raiding party. We then waited till GS and his troops surprised the mlechCha enemies, who had nothing but deep hate and contempt for us. mlechCha who thought we were completely annihilated laughed at first, but seeing GS and his cousin shake their ranks, were taken aback. At that critical point we dispatched our hidden force to join the fray in a merciless assault. bhImadviSha, the mlechCha chief was killed right away and two more were slain after him. GS closed in capture the rest and we hope to seize the pa~nchakoNa and ekakoNa from them.


The above was what we narrated before unexpectedly things took a new turn. We advanced to seize the pa~nchakoNa and ekakoNa, when the mlechChas suddenly regrouped and counter-attacked. We asked the dIkshita’s descendent to continue the invasion, and that we will back him up with more troops. He and his cousin grouped together and continued with their ramshackle troops showing tremendous courage in face of an unexpected attack – refusing to budge. Seeing the dreadful shower of the sharas hurled by the mlechChas, we asked GS to back off a little and seek cover. But he did not flinch. We positioned ourselves near a cleft in the rock all the time waiting for our opportune moment. Just then we saw the mlechCha, viTmukha, come into our range. We killed him outright like rAma killing vAlI. Then we came out of the cleft with our troops and fell on the kAla-yavanas and routed them completely. We had jIvamUlIya pa~ncha-koNaM cha shulbArIya halaM in our hands. indra had given them to us ! That was our victory.

On the other side, however, we were being pursued by a new threatening attack of the flight of the crane from which we were having no respite. We tasting both soma and the hAlAhala.

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