The circle of yakShiNI-s

We bow to the great goddess of the trotalottaraM and pay worship to the great throng of yakShiNI-s that emerge from her. The yakShiNI-s are of diverse forms, all very wonderful and amazing. They bear many diverse facets of knowledge — he who can acquire them all becomes sarva-vyApin. But the knowledge is not easily acquired from the yakShiNI. There are so many ways in which they slip away after it has been shown to you by her. After you land from the flight of the yakShiNI, it may evaporate from you. Or in the delusion of the wonderous form of the yakShiNI, the knowledge might escape from you. Some wonderous yakShiNI-s carry what may be called “useless knowledge”. It can be endlessly fascinating but cannot be acquired by those not fit for it, or knowing it takes you down a path a failure.

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