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Flights of fancy

The black basaltic rock had assumed the delightful shape of a large throne, fit for a mighty rakSha like atikAya, who was slain by the saumitra. It was a cool refugium in the hot plains baked by the eye of … Continue reading

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Wanderings in oDDiyAna

Long ago the great old vaiShNava wandered in the hallowed oDDiyAna pITha, when he reached an old desolate prAsada towards the evening hour. There he seated himself and concentrated ThaM bIja. Then the divine boar-faced mistress of the 5th lunar … Continue reading

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The gotra-specific elements of the installation of the gArhapatya fire

-The udgAtA starts singing the rathanthara and ya~jna-yaj~nIya sAman-s [The jaiminIyas recite their samans in a low inaudible voice on the occassion of this rite].-The adhvaryu starts installing the gArhapatya from the fire he has just kindled with the araNi-s … Continue reading

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On some dAnas and utsargas of the mediaeval Hindus

The dharma texts interminably dilate on the performance of a variety of dAna-s and utsarga-s to deserving people or for public benefit which ranged from elephants, cattle, horses, clothing, umbrellas, footware, toothbrushes, gold, gems, grains, sugar etc. These have all … Continue reading

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memories arising from the padmAvatI stones

As mentioned earlier in my explorations of the maharaTTa country with shUdra-shreShTha, S and Mis-creant I came across several aniconic padmAvatI stones painted orange with a lead paint. However, in the exploration of Satmala we did see a couple of … Continue reading

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The new australopithecine skeleton

R and I discussed the new find of Australopithecus afarensis by Alemseged et al with some excitement. It is not so common that we get relatively complete remains of the australopithecines. This particular one from the Hadar formation is the … Continue reading

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The worship of the pa~nchAkSharI vidyA of shiva

Late in the evening the my clansmen and me left by an uncomfortable bus journey through the drAviDa country to the outpost of aunts N and H. Their clansmen had been killed by fiery abhichAras of their shatrus, but they … Continue reading

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