The split forces and the pralApa

The muni and me were in a sense like branches of the same tree. We wondered what might have happened if only the muni and me could have joined our forces on the battle field. Our coordination on the field was unmatched. We saw eye-to-eye in the conduct of campaigns and the like. The only difference was that we matured at different times. I grabbed the vidyAs when they had to be acquired, but the muni ambulated in a random walk for long before he achieved them. This phase-shifted me and him and the locking of the vR^iShabha-shR^i~Nga vyUha never happened.

After the forces we despatched under the command of GS had conquered the shulbArI daNDa and jIvamUliya pa~nchakoNa, we went to examine the spoils of the campaign. We examined it and were happy with it. Then we deployed kUTanIti to beseige the subtle dvayaM daNDa and sUtrAnta and acquire an opening. Then we attacked both fronts simultaneously and captured them- both spectacular victories. Our young senAnI also marched close to the fort of kAMsya vastra and acquired an advantageous position. It appeared that we were in the midst of completing the great conquests and were exultant in the sweet abhisheka of yasha. But at the back of our mind we knew that the workings of fate were not going to let us enjoy this too long. Suddenly, a new kR^ityA, trouble some as the one which we had repulsed earlier with the mantras of the terrible vinAyaka came out of the hiding. Our shachIva and amAtya told us that they were eager to strike against our shatru but we told them that timing was critical as they had botched up recent attempts. The kR^ityA came through the open door like the very kR^ityA that had sucked the ancient mighty clansman of ours into her yonI before he was destroyed by rudra. Over the night the kR^ityA attacked us repeatedly and diminished our strength. We did not whether to directly attack the kR^ityAkR^it-s or not. We then decided that we had to embark on new prayoga-s.

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