The gotra-specific elements of the installation of the gArhapatya fire

-The udgAtA starts singing the rathanthara and ya~jna-yaj~nIya sAman-s [The jaiminIyas recite their samans in a low inaudible voice on the occassion of this rite].
-The adhvaryu starts installing the gArhapatya from the fire he has just kindled with the araNi-s on the saMbhAra-s that he has laid down at the site of the gArhapatya altar. The saMbhAra-s comprise of the following dravya-s- the pArthiva set: 1) sand, 2) soil that is rich in salt, 3) soil from a rodent-excavated tunnel, 4) soil from a termite mound 5) soil dug by boars 6) sediment from the bed of a perennial lake 7) smooth pebbles 8) gold. The dru set: wooden pieces of 1) ashvattha 2) udumbara 3) palAsha 4) shami 5) vika~NkaTa 6) fulgurites or a tree struck by lighting and 7) lotus leaves. He may at least get 5 of each of these.

-As he installs the fire he recites formulae depending on the yajamAna’s origin
If he is a bhArgava he chants:
bhR^iguNAM tvA vratapate vratena dadhAmi |
If he is an A~Ngiras he chants:
a~NgirasAM tvA vratapate vratena dadhAmi |
If he is of any other gotra he chants:
AdityAnAM tvA devAnAM vratapate vratena dadhAmi |
If he is a royal sacrificer he chants:
varuNasya tvA rAj~no vratapate vratena dadhAmi |
If he is an ordinary kShatriya he chants:
indrasya tvedriyeNa vratapate vratena dadhAmi |
If he is a vaishya he chants:
manostva grAmaNyo vratapate vratena dadhAmi |
If he is a version of the 4th varNa with vedic adhikAra (like rathakAra or niShAda stapathi) he uses:
R^ibhuNaM tvA devAnAM vratena dadhAmi |

-Then the adhvaryu chants as he is making the fire burn the formulae beginning with yAste shivAstanuvo…
-Then the yajamAna worships the fire with the incantation sugArhapatyo (TB 1.2.1) and repeats the gharmashiras incantations with the adhvaryu.
-then the adhvaryu barhiSh around the gArhapatya fire.

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