11 dances of the gods.

The silapadhikAraM (6.44), the great champu written in the dramiDa language, mentions 11 dances that, as far as I know, have no mention in the literature in deva-bhAShA. We do not know if these were once prevalent over jambu-dvIpa and later became extinct. While many of the themes are clear it is hard to understand all the details from the archaic dramiDa. Dixitar’s translation clarifies most of them pretty well.
1) The koDukoTTi: It was danced by shiva, with umA keeping the tAla beside him, in the grave yard where bhAratI had danced with faultless rhythm and avoiding wrong tAla-s, when the great fire-tipped arrow had obeyed his command to destroy the tripura at the request of the devas.
2) The pANDaranga- This dance was done by shiva in the form of bhAratI (!) before the 4 faced brahma who was driving his car.
3) The alliyam- This was performed by the collyrium colored viShNu after exposing the evil devices of kaMsa.
4) The mallu- This was performed by viShNu after cutting the hands of bANAsura.
5) The tuDi- this was performed by kumAra in the middle of the ocean after he killed the demon shUrapadma, who was hiding in the middle of the ocean. [As far as I know the killing of this demon termed shUrapadma is a exclusively Dravidian development of the kumAra cycle. In all devabhASha AkhyAna-s, except recent ones back-translated from dramiLa, only tAraka and not shUrapadma is mentioned]
6) The kuDai- This was performed by kumAra after lowering the umbrella before the danavas routed by him in battle. [dramiDa commentators state that kumAra shielded himself with his umbrella and danced in derision at having pounded tAraka and his hordes.]
7) The kuDaM- viShNu danced this after striding through the city of bANAsura.
8) The pEDi- kAma turning into a hermaphrodite form is supposed to have danced this.
9) marakkAl- This was the dance of viShNumAyA (mahAkAlI) when she sought to suppress the evil dAnavas.
10) pAvai- This was the dance displayed by lakShMI when she faced the demons.
11) kaDayaM- This is the dance of indrANI in the fields outside the northern gates of the city.

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