The encounter with the pAShaNDa-s of the nAstIka mata

With the due assent I decided to narrate the account of R1‘s father encounter with the vile pAShaNDa-s of the nAstIka mata- this is an illustrative example of some technicalities for the complete uchChATana of paShaNDa mantras. The other learned vR^iddhA had also demolished the prayoga-s of such a pAShaNDa from the vanga country. The old R1F had journeyed deep into the were the practitioners of the fallen ways of mahAchInAchAra and upachInAchAra still wandered. In their midst he saw their mantra-s that are are thefts from savants the first varNa or gifts from patita-sAvitra-s of the bygone eras. Over the ages these chInAchAryas and other pAShaNDa-s who practice their vile para-tantras have mellowed down as though due to the delusion of nArAyaNa.

When the R1F in his younger days was on a journey to see the temple chakra-nArAyaNa at the foot of the hima-parvata and then to gain the grace of shrI-pratya~NgirA he came into conflict with a nAstIka pAShaNDa. The nAstIka’s line of prayoga-s was thus:
-He first defended himself with rites to mahA-pratya~NgirA devI and then invoked mahApratisarA and her parivAra to protect him from any incoming attack (knowers of the mantrAstra vidya know that this is a difficult configuration to pierce).
-Then for his first strike at his brAhmaNa foe he invoked chaNDaroShaNa, performing a dhyAna of him binding viShNu, rudra and brahma with a pAsha.
-Then he invoked the mahAvidyA of the most terrifying vajra-jvAlAnalArka performing a dhyAna conceiving viShNu crushed under his left foot and lakShmI under his right foot.
-Then he invoked the awful deity trailokyavijaya by meditating on him placing his left foot on the head of shiva and with his right foot crushing the breasts of gaurI. To him he made oblation of rakta and then prepared a skull for burial with the name of R1F inscribed on it.
-Then he escalated the attack further by performing a homa for paramAshva imagining him crushing under his four feet indra, viShNu, indrANI and lakShmI. He also tried to cause dhanakShaya to R1F by deploying the uchChuShma jhambhala prayoga.

A normal tantric, or a even a well-educated chera magician could be easily blown to smithereens by such a series of prayoga-s and his counter-prayoga-s may not even reach the attacker. Our female vairini of old days, Ktk, used to dable in these vidyA-s of chInAchAra. But R1F was fully ready for the occassion. He did face some problems due to the vairi prayoga-s that alerted him. He suffered dhanakShaya and from severe ill-health putting him a difficult situation, but due to contacts in the Indian embassy he managed to hold out. Then with the help of a smArta in the great temple of pashupati he got his act together. We, for reasons obvious to those in the know, cannot describe all the details of his line of action. He went to a silent southern corner of the great shrine of pashupati and began his rites:

-He first performed a dUra-dR^iShTi prayoga with the help of two emanations from the pa~ncha-brahma mantras (ekarudra and siddheshvara) and figured out all the prayoga-s used by the nAstIka. He also noticed that the pAShaNDa was monitoring his movements with his own dUradR^iShTi prayoga. R1F quickly performed the mArtANDa-bhairava prayoga and destroyed the bauddha’s dUra-dR^iShTi.
-He then pierced the nAstika’s protective shield by performing a homa with the saMpuTIkaraNa of:
nR^isimha-hayagrIva + sudarshana vidyA + aShTAkSharI + hayagrIvAstra + aghora-rudra + aghorAstra
-With the bauddha exposed he despatched at him the most terrifying aShTa-mukha-gaNDabheruNDa ugra-nR^isiMha prayoga, with the dhyAna on the nR^isimha with 20 hands, having 8 leonine heads and 2 dinosaur-like heads. This completely destroyed all the pAShaNDa-s prayoga-s.

-Through his dUradR^iShTi he saw that the pAShaNDa was readying for a mAraNa strike with the svAdiShThAna-rakta-yamArI prayoga. He simply back-hurled it by deploying the secret pratya~NgirA vidyA with a saMpuTIkaraNa of the vidyA of our hallowed goddess ghora-rudra-kubjikA. The pAShaNda who was going to fill a pot in the kaushiki river was borne to the abode of vaivasvata.

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