naming of the initiates as per the classic siddhAnta tantras

The siddhAnta tantrics receive their names as per a fixed procedure: After the student receives mantra dIkSha from the preceptor, s/he is taken to the central kumbha in which shiva has been invoked earlier. Then, the student casts flowers which s/he is holding in his hand on the kumbha. His name prefix is chosen based on a name or attribute of the pa~nchabrahma mUrti in whose direction the flowers fall. Top:IshAna, West: sadyojAta, East: tatpuruSha, South: aghora; North: vAmadeva.

If the student is a brAhmaNa he receives the suffix shiva (e.g. varma-shiva, aghora-shiva, IshAna-shiva etc), if he is a kShatriya its is deva (e.g. bhoja-deva, trilochana-deva, ishAna-deva etc.), if he is a vaishya or shUdra a suffix of gaNa is added (e.g mUrtigaNa, shaMkara gaNa etc.). If the student is a woman then she receives and additional suffix shakti (e.g .tryaMbakadevashakti).

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