paschimAmnAyeshvarI and shiva of the shikhA

We first salute the master of the school, matsyendra and ku~nkumAMbA who was his kulA~NganA without whom none of these mysteries would be known to us mortals.
siddhamAtA vibhuH shabdarAshIti yonyArNavI vAgvishuddhAsi vAgeshvarI
That provides the inspiration of the rudra-shaktI – mahAsenasambhoginI. The one with pretty curves, who is the queen under the chinchini tree, manifests simultaneously in all her glory in the great oDDiyAna, jAlandhara, pUrNagiri and kAmarUpa. The very name kubjIshAna causes the ullAsa that cannot be described in words, the leading steps on the kula path. Even a moment of revelation of kubjIshAna is just like the drinking of the tIvra soma, sweeted for the sacrificial rite. He is the glorious navAtman like a thunder cloud, the wielder of the pinAka bow. On his lap, like streak of brilliant lightning illuminating that roaring thunder cloud is our goddess, paschimAmnAyeshvarI, the queen of the samayavidyA. The one who can recite the daNDakaM recalls the words tvaM navAtmAnadevasya chotsa~NgayAnAshritA.
From the 32 syllabled samayavidyA’s shikhA mantra emanates svachChanda, who is the manifestation of the tantric aghora mantra. One who has stilled his mind for the expansion of the mighty samayavidyA sees a preta ma~ncha. On that is seated lokeshvara, the mighty yogin bearing the universe in him. On him emerges a bright blue lotus. In the pericarp of that lotus is seen the terrific serpentine ananta, blazing forth with all-conquering power of heat and other radiations. He is the deadly kAlasaMkarShaNa, armed with a musala and halAyudha. On his shikhA is seen an eight-petalled lotus. In that is the powerful shiva of the shikhA or svachChanda. From him emerge 32 brilliant mayUkhas, which are the energies of the samaya-vidyA. He is adorned by ornaments of various colors. He has 4 heads and 10 hands and inspires extreme terror. At the same time he is imbrued with the shR^ingAra rasa and tightly hugs a devI of dark color, the great dUtI, with ornaments of all colors. In her manifests the power of the vaShaT.

tavAdhAre mUle saha samayayA lAsyaparayA
navAtmAnaM manye nava-rasa-mahAtANDava-naTam |
ubhAbhyAm-etAbhyAm-udaya-vidhim-uddishya dayayA
sanAthAbhyAM jaj~ne janaka-jananI-maj-jagadidam ||
(SL 41)

In your mUlAdhAra (of kulasundarI) I meditate upon navAtman dancing the great tANDava, along with samayA performing her lAsya. This world came to own these two as generator and generatrix due to their grace for the act of the emergence of the world.

The great samayavidyA:
namo bhagavati shrI kubjikAyai hrAM hrIM hroM ~na ~Na Na na me aghoramukhi chAM chIM kiNi kiNi vichche ||

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