The master of viliste~NgA

One who is in the grip of the vidyA-s of the dreaded dhUmAvatI and rakta-jyeShThA will be released from them by the secret formula known as the “bonds of the devI”. The one who goes beyond that step attains that ancient and most secret vidyA known as the prayoga of viliste~NgA. It was the secret of the atharvans of, that which arises from the herb which was known to bhR^igu and ushanA kAvya. It is considered the crest jewel of the mighty vidyA-s of ushAna kAvya himself – indeed it is called the AsurI mAyA. Only the brAhmaNa of high caliber who masters the deep rahasyas of the ritual practice can set himself on the path of becoming the master of the viliste~NgA prayoga. He having changed his yaj~nopavIta and performed his saMdhya as per the rules of the atharvan lore moves in the southern direction. He performs the appropriate rites of the paippalAda lore to the lord of the gods, with the sUktaM that a knower of rahasya-s will attain identity to with indra. He is filled with the mAyA of indra. He then invokes nirR^iti into himself and if he has mastered the rahasya mantras he sends her away into a mule or nematode worm. He is then ready to invoke the vidyA of viliste~NgA. Even as he makes the oblations to her he experiences bliss, like a long-lasting and unfading pleasure of maithuna with a most beautiful strI. The very sight of viliste~NgA provides him indescribable bliss that no one can experience in the regular world. Once viliste~NgA joins him he is the master of prayogas. He becomes like a vR^iShabha filled with the virility of ten males and attracts beautiful women easily. He can cause instant stambhana of rivals and send deep bhaya into enemies.

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