Knowing indra

The primary object of the Arya is to know indra:
satyaM hIndraH |
indra is verily the truth

taM hendra uvAcha mAm eva vijAnIhi |
And he told [pratardana daivodAsi] just perceive me

etad evAhaM manuShyAya hitatamaM manye yan mAM vijAnIyAt |
What I consider to be most beneficial to a human is that he should perceive me.

trishIrShANaM tvAShTram ahanam |
I killed the 3-headed son of tvaShTR^i.

arurmaghAn ahanam |
I killed the arurmaghas.

yatIn sAlAvR^ikebhyaH prAyachCham |
I gave the yati-s to the hyenas.

bahvIH sandhA atikramya divi prahlAdIyAn atR^iNaham antarikShe paulomAn pR^ithivyAM kAlakA~njAn |
Breaking many pacts, I smashed to pieces prahlAdIya-s in the heaven, the pauloman-s in the mid-region and the kAlaka~nja-s on earth.

tasya me tatra na loma chanAmIyata |
I did not even lose a hair on my body in the process.

sa yo mAM veda na ha vai tasya kena chana karmaNA loma mIyate na steyena na bhrUNahatyayA na mAtR^ivadhena na pitR^ivadhena |
When a person perceives me, nothing that he does- whether it is stealing, or performing an abortion, or killing his own father or killing his mother will ever make him lose a single hair of his body.

nAsya pApaM chakruSho mukhAn nIlaM vyetIti ||1||
And when he has committed a sin his face does not lose its color.

Such are great acts of the god of the gods. The one who is able to see him transcends all.

dhiShvA shavaH shUra yena vR^itram avAbhinad dAnum aurNavAbham |
apAvR^iNor jyotir AryAya ni savyataH sAdi dasyur indra ||
O mighty one, assume the power with which you tore to bits vR^itra, dAnu and the spider-like demon aurNavAbha. You have shown light to the Aryans, on your left side O indra, you sank the dasyu.

sanema ye ta Utibhis taranto vishvA spR^idha AryeNa dasyUn |
asmabhyaM tat tvAShTraM vishvarUpam arandhayaH sAkhyasya tritAya ||
May we with your aid cross over to [victory] in that struggle for the world between the Aryans and dasyu-s. For tR^ita of our party you beheaded vishvarUpa, the son of tvaShTR^i.

asya suvAnasya mandinas tritasya nyarbudaM vAvR^idhAno astaH |
avartayat sUryo na chakraM bhinad valam indro a~NgirasvAn ||
With his might growing with the invigorating soma offerings of trita he destroyed arbuda. Spinning his chakra like the blazing sun, indra cut down vala, praised by the a~Ngirasas.

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