The basic invocation of padmAvatI according the padmAvatI kalpa

The jinendra explained at length how the padmAvatI prayoga-s are performed as per the padmAvatI kalpa. Described below is the vidhi for padmAvatI ArAdhana:
athaH sarvAvarNa pUjA:
OM hrIM dharaNendrAya namaH – eastern door; OM hrIM adhachChadanAya namaH – southern door; OM hrIM UrdhvachChadanAya namaH – western door; OM hrIM padmachChadanAya namaH – northern door

OM laM indrAya namaH (E) | OM raM agnaye namaH (SE) | OM sham yamAya namaH (S) | OM ShaM nairR^ityAya namaH (SW) | OM vaM varuNAya namaH (W) | OM yaM vAyave namaH (NW) | OM saM kuberAya namaH (N) | OM haM IshAnAya namaH (NE) ||

OM hrIM jaye! namaH (E) | OM hrIM vijaye! namaH (S) | OM hrIM ajite! namaH (W) | OM hrIM aparAjite! namaH (W) | OM hrIM jambhe! namaH (SE) | OM hrIM mohe! namaH (SW) | OM hrIM stambhe! namaH (NW) | OM hrIM stambhini! namaH (NE) ||

OM hrIM ana~NgakamalAyai namaH (E) | OM hrIM padmagandhAyai namaH (SE) | OM hrIM padmAsyAyai namaH (S) | OM hrIM padmamAlAyai namaH (SW) | OM hrIM madanonmAdinyai namaH (W) | OM hrIM kAmoddIpanAyai namaH (NW) | OM hrIM padmavarNAyai namaH (N) | OM hrIM trailokyakShobhiNyai namaH (NE) ||

OM hrIM KshAM pa namaH (E) | OM hrIM KshIM dmA namaH (S) | OM hrIM KshUM va namaH (W) | OM hrIM KshaiM tI namaH (N) ||

core mantras:
OM hrIM namo.astu bhagavati ! padmAvati ! ehi ehi saM vauShaT || (AvAhana mantra) The devI in invoked into the yantra or idol.
OM hrIM namo.astu bhagavati ! padmAvati ! tiShTha tiShTha svAhA || (stithikaraNa mantra) The devI is positioned in the right place in idol or yantra.
OM hrIM namo.astu bhagavati ! padmAvati ! mama sannihitA bhava bhava vaShaT || (saniddhikaraNa mantra). She is made to settle down in one’s place of worship
OM hrIM namo.astu bhagavati ! padmAvati ! gandhAdIn gR^ihNa gR^ihNa namaH || (with 5 such formulae offer the pa~nchopachAra pUja)
OM hrIM namo.astu bhagavati ! padmAvati ! svasthAnaM gachCha gachCha jaH jaH jaH || (visarjana mantra) Ritual dismissal of the deity with prANAyAma.

Then the mahAjapa is performed with the following mantra:
OM hrIM hraiM hsklIM padme ! padamkaTini ! namaH ||

Flower offerings are made with red karavIra and savR^inta flowers.

The great ShaDakSharI vidyA of padmAvatI is:
OM hrIM hraiM hsklIM shrIM padme ! namaH ||

The so-called tryakSharI vidyA of padmAvatI is:
OM aiM kliM hsauH namaH || (note its relation with the bAlA mantra of shrIvidyA)

The so-called ekAkSharI vidyA of padmAvatI is:
OM hrIM namaH ||

garuDa mantra: OM hrAM hrIM svAhA ||
sarasvatI mantra: aiM hrIM shrIM klIM hsauM vada vada vAgvAdini ! bhagavati sarasvati ! tubhyaM namaH || (The japa of these mantra may be done further for their specific viniyogas there after)


Along with the padmAvatI ArAdhana the jinendra also routinely performed a homa to sarasvatI and the shrIvidyA krama as per the nAstIka traditions. The shrIvidyA of the nAstIkas corresponds to the pa~nchadashAkSharI of the kAdi-mata and is given concealed within a remarkable mantraic stotraM known as the shrIvidyA garbha stotraM (SGS). Their krama is relatively simple, done separately after the padmAvatI worship and coupled with the vArAhI and rAja-shyAmalA mantras from the padmAvatI kalpa. The SGS takes the place of the lalitA sahasranAmaM or trishati in their tradition.

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