Strike as expected

We had the dUradR^iShTi about the movements of the khANDavan vairi-s. We knew precisely how they were going to strike. So we waited patiently and as we knew that they had two prayogas against us and where the abhichAra was going to be placed. We saw the first graha coming and were for a while caught in its stambhana. Then the great rudra came to our aid when we made the 8-fold oblations and neutralized it. Who verily escapes the trishUla of The god? Then we moved forth and dug up the abhichAra and retrieved the needful. However, to our dismay in the process a dreadful kR^ityA escaped, much like the one which nearly sent us to the buffalo-rider. The kR^ityA could not immediately hit us as we were protected by the vajra of the thunderer, but it is around and could hit anytime.

Further news in streamed in on the mischief. The MMM had heard the howling of the wolf almost like in one of those perfect motif scenes from one of the itihAsa and was terrified by it. MMM was overpowered by their time tested strike of dhUmAvatI. One packet of dhUmAvatI was sent our way with all its typical accouterments . That one who was consumed earlier by the bagalAmukhI prayoga, however fought back fiercely, and was saved the other amAtya’s and MMM-intersection’s guhya prayoga. But now it was our pakSha’s time under the fire as they had turned our way in the alternating attack. We also realized that the spasha-s had deeply penetrated us. Then the news reached us the that the svAmAtya was taken by another mystery hit. We received the message that as in the battle where kabandha-mukha had been repulsed by are mantras to bR^ihaspati, we needed bR^ihaspati’s aid again.

We saw the karNa-pishAchini might be used and moved with utmost caution with the fiend-driving vajra of indra to cause the pishAchini to lose track of us. As the bhR^igu-s of yore frustrated the pishAchini-s we too frustrate them. May indra nullify the kR^ityA makers, may we not lose an eye like bhaTTa kumArila.


The kR^ityA launched two attacks on the expected day. We panicked briefly but were able to hold fort. This was a classical dhumAvatI kR^ityA in every sense — the khANDavans were completely unaffected by it even when back hurled. Instead it kept hovering around us constantly making attempts to pierce our shield of skanda

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