An odd mantra

R mentioned to me a while back a mantra of great significance to sarasvatI that her ancestors had acquired from Shymol Ram:
OM dhIH shruti-vij~nA || (1)
Neither R nor me have not been able to locate it any tantra available to us. However it appears as a mantra to praj~nApAramitA in #658 of the highly corrupt Bali stuti saMhitA. As the Balinese were isolated from India in the Islamic period their Sanskrit education declined greatly and when they recorded these mantras and stuti-s they were horribly corrupt. In a very general sense the mistakes they make reminds one of the hilariously atrocious mistakes made by the drAviDas in transmitting Sanskrit via the degraded medium of Tamil. It would be interesting to see if the source tantra of the mantra can be traced from the Indonesian texts.
With some searching we found a cunning variant of it bauddha tantric digest, the sAdhanA-mAlA:
OM dhIH shruti-smR^iti-vijaye svAhA || (2)
The nAstika in his typical way wants to present his deity as being the victor over the shruti and smR^iti of the Arya– thus the pAShaNDa subtly alters the word vij~nA to vijayA to generate this variant mantra. This shows that the original did actually go from the Hindus to the bauddha-s and at least initially was preserved in the proper form (1).

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