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Our link to asura varuNa

ajIjano hi varuNa svadhAvan-natharvANaM pitaraM deva-bandhuM |tasmA u rAdhaH kR^iNuhi suprashastaM sakhA no asi paramaM cha bandhuH || AV-S 5.11 From father bhR^igu we have acquired that connection to the great asura medhira. As kavi atharvA had said to varuNa: … Continue reading

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Intellectual cretinism of Hindus

Intellectual cretinism is a prevalent trend amongst the Hindu elite. The sincere Hindus at the saMskR^ita sabha were showing me a video made by Western gauDIya vaiShNava-s that they were hoping to use to educate the modern hindu youth about … Continue reading

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