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In the samarA~NgaNa

The news reached that our most skilled senAnI had captured the fort of amukhAsthika after a very fierce and prolonged struggle. In the thick of battle with shara-s raining all over it was not known who was friend or foe, … Continue reading

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Some considerations on Hindu atomism

tanIyAMsaM pAMsuM tava charaNa pa~NkeruhabhavaM viri~nchiH saMchinvan virachayati lokAn avikalam vahaty enaM shauriH katham api sahasreNa shirasAM haraH saM-kShubhyainaM bhajati bhasitod-dhUlana-vidhim || (saundarya lahari 2) Minute particles have arisen from the dust of your feet, gathering these together brahmA constructs … Continue reading

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