A few notes related to bhAskararAya makhindra

We had earlier reconstructed a narrative on the illustrious bhAskararAya makhIndra’s life using raghunAtha paNDita edition of the great man’s biography by jagannAtha paNDita. jagannAtha paNDita’s clan hailed not far from where we spent a good part of life and our mind wandered to those regions. We have always felt a special feeling on entering the two temples of the dreadful vinAyaka associated with them [In the battle of dashAnta we received aid from ekadanta and our prayoga bore full fruit]. raghunAtha paNDita states that there are 5 commentaries on the lalitA sahasranAmam in vogue: 1) that of vimarShAnanda-nAtha the disciple of vimalAnanda-nAtha. 2) that of vidyAraNya yati the student of anantAraNya. 3) nArAyaNa bhaTTa’s commentary. 4) That of a certain sha~Nkara. 5) The saubhAgya bhAskara of bhAskararAya.

His biography is clear in stating that shiva-datta shukla, the madhyandina brAhmaNa from Surat conferred on him pUrNAbhisheka-
shivadatta shukla-charaNaasAdita pUrNAbhiSheka-sAmrAjyaH |
gurjara-deshe vidadhe jarjara-dhairyaM sa vallabhAchAryaM ||

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