Past thoughts

Before the battle of dashAnta we were shackled, but in that fierce raNa, miraculously aided by vinAyaka we won a battle and obtained freedom. During the battle of dvAdashAnta we were completely free and memories go back to many warriors who fought in the pitched battle for fame and glory: chArvAka, bR^ihat-sphik, hrasvaroman, ashvamukha, shUdraka, shrIvaiShNava, kShetra-dhR^ita, shveta-dadhna and braindeya. bR^ihat-sphik and ashvamukha hated us. In the battlefield of rasa-kShetra we were trapped in a dangerous position, but Mis-creant supplied us with intelligence regarding their positions like a pa~nchAla spy and we were able make our escape. In the great charge of battle that followed we were weakened by a takman, even as the Assamese general against the Mogols. But in that great yuddha the deva-s bore us aid and we extirpated bR^ihat-sphik and ashvamukha from our loka, as also their secret ally patita-putraka. During the fierce battle of pa~nchadashAnta our tapas aided us against the sena of strI-s and we blew them away.

While the thoughts often linger on these battle, it was the multi-front war of saptadashAnta that posed an existential crisis for us. There were two major fronts and several minor ones. Our most hated shatru maireya-pAyin faced us on the first major front and the hyona and rasagola warriors who even hated our shadow stood on the second. the maireya-pAyin tried at first to detach the amAtya and sachiva to corner us. We were at that time tied down with a takman and unable to act for a month. But then we retaliated in a big way and routed maireya-pAyin-s men in a skirmish. Then we were wounded in our hand and unable to wield the bow, when maireya-payin’s army bore down on us. We fought on with our wounded hand– even though we could not prepare for battle, we emerged completely victorious after our auxiliary force [we thought of Napoleon] helped to overthrow the va~nga allies of maireya-payin. But on the other front the hyona and rasagola warriors were scoring victories against our men and had surrounded them completely. The muni-s army had already been routed completely and was on the retreat. It was at that instance that Jx came to our aid with a large force in the foreign field. He smashed the mlechCha warriors who aided the hyonas and rasagolas. Using the opening in the shatru-vyUha created by Jx, we rushed in an scored an incredible sweeping victory.

Jx moved on the score several victories against the mlechCha vIra-s and conquered the kingdom of hima-hrada. He was reigning supreme there and enjoying bhoga. When was caught in the bliss of bhoga two mishaps struck him. The chIna-s sent their spasha-s to probe him and he was caught unaware. He was then seized by a dreaded DAmarikA. The DAmarikA had kept him imprisoned and suffering till the virile taittirIya saved him from destruction. But in the mean time he lost the kingdom of hima-hrada to the chIna-s. He by his valor fled to bhAnu-kakSha and carved himself a small estate there. In a long conversation with Jx then a little did we know that same DAmarikA was waiting for us.

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