The tusk of svapna-sa~NketA

After the third vIra had broken forth the vairi-s turned their attention towards the 4 other distant vIra-s. Two of them were protected by the spells of the taittirIyaka, the bull amongst the kuNDinas. The rAhu which seized us like a graha of kumAra or a vinAyaka seizing a victim will be described when we emerge on the other side of the grahaNa. There was a vague intelligence we received that the amAtya was the principal target. It was not as clear as the dreaded kR^ityA that we saw last year in the middle of our day like a shUrpanakha in the daNDaka– verily like a pill of venom coated in honey. But it was like the mAraNa that took us closest to vaivasvata, before we were literally hauled out of the raging waters by the yakShiNI nIlalohitamekhalA of indescribable beauty with the strength of 8000 elephants. We did not know when the amAtya would be struck or even if the amAtya was really the target.

The kavi among the bhArgava-s however was aided most remarkably by the highest prayoga of sUkarAnanA of the dreams. As a result he clearly saw the dreaded chaturashra yantra with sAdhya curled under the mAyA bIja in the middle, much like the vighna yantra of bhaNDAsura. With this clear intelligence available, he saw that the amAtya was the target. He then saw exactly what abhichAra had been deployed: the unexpected dinAstra and it was advancing rapidly. Before he could do anything the amAtya was struck. He almost simultaneous retaliated with the first counter-prayoga. But he saw this being repulsed by the dinAstra, though it gave enough time for the amAtya to hold on to life. Keeping his presence of mind he retaliated almost immediately with the combination of nabho-nilaya-bhairava and surA-devI and mahiShAruDha-vArAhI. This destroyed the mAraNa prayoga and saved the amAtya-s life. Then the oShadhi-s of atharvaNa-bhadrakAli were deployed to counter the lasting effects of the abhichAra. The bhargava was able to pull this off beyond all his expectations only because of the anugraha of the tusked one.

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