Jx evades a mAraNa

Whenever we have executed that loop by instinct, thus far, some vighna has invariably come our way. This time again the mudgara-like blow of the trailokya-stambhinI caused us new trouble. But we received a signal to press on, undaunted. Jx who had been knocked out by the DAmarikA strike after being routed by the chIna-s, scraped the rock-bottom of his existence and fled further from bhAnu-kakSha to the township of indra-jAla. Here, the spirit of bhR^igu and a~Ngira ancestors faintly possessed him. He suddenly recovered and performed a purascharaNa of 8 months. It was around the culmination of this period that the 3rd hero had broken forth. At that point a 3-pointed mAraNa attack was deployed: one prong of it seized the amAtya but the muni deploying nidra-vArtAli countered its fatal effects, even as the amAtya got enough time to deploy the oShadhi prayoga. The other one headed towards to him who was dwelling in indra-jAla. With his purashcharaNa complete the anAhata chakra was filled with the presence of hamseshvara and hamseshvarI surrounded by the 54 deities of the vAyavya mayUkha-s. He was unable to grasp the full significance of this manifestation, but the spontaneous power of manifestation of the shikhin yugma became clear – that fiery manifestation of shiva-shivA in the circle surrounding the kaM bIja. They verily say only one who has received the pUrNa-dIkSha can truly withstand the force of the mistress of the kula path without being confused. Past midnight the brahmAstra-vidyA crashed onto him with 4 successive strikes, but the power his own protective mantra was unbelievable the prayoga which was so certain to effect mAraNa simply rebounded off him.


That which had left Jx now pursued us in the form of the khANDavan to compass our destruction. We had been expecting this any time. However, we evaded it after a skirmish that resembled in many ways our first encounter with the khANDavan-s.

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