The battle of chatur-iShavaH

Our powerful and vicious bhrAtR^ivya-s were bearing down on us in the battle of 4 arrows. But indra has conferred victory on us by sending his mAyA to cloud them and placing the vajra behind us!

You two heroes who trample the dasyu-s,
the wide-strider who is the plunderer of forts,
and the thunderer who shatters forts,
delight in the full chalice of heavenly soma.

The two lords of soma! strike forth!
Sink our bhrAtR^ivya-s and raise us!
O hero with your 3rd step send the hemispheres apart,
make space for the vajra-bearer to strike.

With what heroism you slew kuyava,
with what valor you killed the spidery aurNavAbha,
with what fury you hurled shambara off a cliff,
with that aid us in the thick of battle.


We saw a remarkable sight- it was raining with thunders from great heights, but above the prAchya mayUkha the moon was shining brightly at the same time. This is the upAmshu graha of soma. We uttered the vauShaT-s and with that performed a soma yAga. indra and viShNu had drunk the heavenly soma.

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