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A local pantheon of mallaNNa

A train of thought culminated in me remembering the peculiar case of the equestrian deity mallaNNa found in Ailoni. There is a smaller temple of mallaNNa in that village. Here he is depicted with his two wives with four arms … Continue reading

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The big and small of theropods

The recent bonanza of theropod finds have brought to fore an old issue that we and others have been thinking about for a while: the evolutionary trends in body size in course of theropod evolution. Prior to the application of … Continue reading

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With the other pakSha

The third hero advanced with a large force to defend his turf. His men watched with mixed feelings– some where excited, others were confused, yet others were sad because their own people were dying. We were roaming like a khaDga … Continue reading

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The asura

R was telling me how she was reviving her saMskR^ita by reading the harivaMsha that I had given. R being like the proverbial hidden Rustam of the Iranians, can show a sharp eye. She was struck by a name of … Continue reading

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The orbits of beauty

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shAstA in the drAviDa country

Unlike khaNDobA, mallaNNa or mallAri of the upper peninsular India and Maharashtra, in the drAviDa country the homologous equestrian deity does not get identified with mArtANDa-bhairava. Instead he remains pretty distinct and is known as shAstA (dramiDa: chAttAn) or Arya … Continue reading

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Zeros of the Zeta function and such metaphysical wanderings

The spectrum formed by the first 200 zeros on the critical line of the Riemann zeta function: The Re(s)=.5 while the lines of the spectrum above are the values of Im(s) producing the zeros. These values were obtained from Odlyzko’s … Continue reading

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