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The path of two arrows and the path of one arrow

We felt the arms of the golden-handed asura. We felt the presence of that other wise asura all over. We walked along the path like a khaDga in the grasslands of pragjyotisha. We joined with guhyasomA, the golden kula girl … Continue reading

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yoginI-jAla and skanda-graha-pa~njara

yogini-jAla-chakra skanda-graha-pa~njara

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The padamAlA mantra of chAmuNDA

The padamAlA of chAmuNDa is one of the celebrated mantra of the tantric tradition of chaNDikA vidyA-s. It is found in paralogous forms in the yuddha-jayArNava tantra, the agni purANa and the devI purANa. The devI purANa states that it … Continue reading

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