The virile taittirIyaka’s jealousy

When we saw the putraka we noticed that he was the atavistic manifestation of the great Fourier of Mangalagrama. While Fourier of Mangalagrama was a dreaded bhrAtR^ivya, he was still a man of extraordinary qualities. A mathematician, engineer, linguist and writer in his secular existence was a personified mantramahodadhi when he was still alive. His mantra-shAstra expertise could be countered by few– he has crushed S’s amAtya with ease, he pierced MM’s spells despite their great intensity and his valaga-s were un-defeated by most of us. My own astra-s withered before him like the vAnara-s before kumbhakarNa. S and I were overthrown like sAtyaki and bhImasena by bhagadatta mounted on supritika, the muni was bound, and the third vIra’s ratha was pierced by his buried valaga-s. His deployment of yakShiNI-s, mohinI-s and DAvI-s were feared by all. But his mistimed shara was back-hurled by MM and he was paralyzed. Then the virile taittirIyaka needled by Fourier’s sharas also sent a prayoga his way, which finally sunk him. The putraka was indeed a multidimensional atavism of the old Fourier, but he did no possess an iota of the mantra shAstra of the old one. Hence, he was merely a large rat snake compared to the king cobra that Fourier was. With that Fourier’s mantra shAstra lineage had come to a complete close.

However, even the virile taittirIyaka could not protect his sUnu when Fourier picked him out with a strong direct hit. The clever third vIra having broken forth was victorious. Fourier’s chera magician friend and buried valaga-s blocked the vIra twice. But the vIra who had fought in many breath-taking battle grounds powdered them and marched ahead. He was now standing like one possessed with the ojas of 10 vR^iShabha-s surveying. Seeing this the virile taittirIyin felt like a lion hearing the distant thundering roar of a rival lion. He hence turned hostile. Even though equipped with the mantrashAstra he behaved like one unacquainted with shiShTAchara and bellowed a boast in the sabha deriding the third vIra and me, like a bull profusely signaling on perceiving rival bulls. With this he hurt his ties with his own janAH.

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