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An example of kalhaNa’s poetry

guhon-mukhI nAga-mukhApIta bhuripayA ruchiM | gaurI yatra vitastAtvaM yAtApyayujjhati nochitAM | (rAja-tara~NgiNI 1.29)Even though gaurI has assumed the form of vitastA, she does not leave her innate inclinations-she turns her face towards guha (kumAra) and the elephant-faced one (nAga-mukha- vinAyaka) … Continue reading

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On king yudhiShThira’s path

I had a lengthy conversation with KR on topic typical of our conversation — the decline of the dharma. Just when I came out of it the horror of negligence struck me… But I walked through the crematorium like vikrama … Continue reading

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The 27 kalA-s of devasenA

The kaushika prashna of the kaumArAgama gives the 27 fold kalA mantra-s of the goddess devasenA. skanda-patnI should be meditated as being taken as a wife by the fiery son of agni or rudra. Each kalA mantra is made from … Continue reading

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The manufacture of opinion and suppression of freedoms

Many years ago I was being subject to an English examination by an American. The first question he asked me was what is freedom. I defined it for him. Then he asked if I came from a free country. I … Continue reading

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kaumAra yantra-s according to kaumara tantra sAra and kumarAdi mantra samuchchaya

kaumAra jAla yantra OM vaM shaM raM vaM NaM bhaM skandAya khe khe namaH | OM vaM vaM shaM raM NaM bhaM skandAya khe khe namaH | OM raM vaM NaM bhaM vaM shaM skandAya khe khe namaH | OM … Continue reading

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veda mantrokta Ashu-garuDa vidyA

The terrifying AshugaruDa is a dinosaurine deity of the AkAsha bhairava tradition that includes other dinosaurine deities like pakShirAja sharabha and AkAshabhairava. One of the vidyA-s of this devatA involve the deployment of the R^igvedic mantras (RV 10.178) in a … Continue reading

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The iconography of kumAra according to the sanatkumAra-prashna

We had earlier discussed vidyA-s of the various specialized mUrti-s of kArttikeya and their visualizations. Continuing with that discussion we shall now look at the mUrti-s of the god as described by the kaumArAgama known as the sanatkumAra prashna. The … Continue reading

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