abhinavagupta on the deha

I was reminded of a statement of abhinavagupta in the tantrAloka due to an exchange with a compatriot on the reason why matysendra is such a colossus in ancient thought.

he says:
evaM vishvAdhva saMpUrNaM kAla-vyApAra-chitritaM |
desha-kAla-maya-spanda-sadma dehaM vilokayet |
tathA vilokyamAno .asau vishvAntardevatA-mayaH |
dhyeyaH pUjyashcha tarpyashcha tadAviShTo vimuchyate |
(tantrAloka 12.6-7)

Thus, the body is perceived as full of diverse pathways, marked by time-dependent processes (lit. temporal processes), and as the seat of vibrations in space and time. The [body] perceived thus is composed of all devatA-s and meditated, worshiped and pacified [quenched with tarpaNaM-s]. He who enters that [the body] is liberated.

This characteristically enlightened expression of abhinava to me represents an expression of the thought-stream of mIna. But was it entirely new ? Not really. Like many other things it goes back to vedic thought. For example the upaniShad’s statement on indra-yoni in the pineal is an early version of the same.

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