One waves of the samaramahodadhi

On the darsha day we sat to perform our kratu. But we noticed that there was an error. We quickly regrouped and performed a prAyashchitta. But some fear lingered still if something might slip past. It was sent our way just after the meridian hour. By the aid of the deva-s we back-hurled the initial strike by brahma hour. We noticed that the ari was immediately facing the effects of the rebound. The ari wised up and rapidly to recourse to their prayogin-s. We faced a sudden strike and were reeling under it for some time. But because of the earlier mantra-s we were stabilized by the deva-s and managed to get pass its effects. We watched like that Atman watching the sharIra. As in Conan Doyle’s “Final Problem” they stood together in the narrow corridor. We had seen the mAraNa strikes before but this was different — It utterly stupefied us. Suddenly the opening mantra-patra-s with the sAmidheni-s were missing from the kosha. We had put them in there just after the prAyashchitta. Everything else was intact. We realized that we were under the gaze of a cheTakI. Then the dhumAvatI strike entered our maNipUra chakra. As we said this was not aimed at mAraNa but it inactivated us – we simply could not deploy anything on the ari. We were reduced to utter powerlessness – neither mantra-s nor kriyA-s seemed possible; our sight was blinded from seeing our ari. We remembered where it all began: Like kumbhakarNa moving against the vAnaras in his last battle it advanced! We were tunneled back in time against our control. We stood in the realm of the first sorrow. We were at the place on which we turned our back effortlessly when the prayoga of kAmeshvarI saw us through. It was a partly gloomy day just as today. The muni was then vulnerable and we needed to protect him. We had taken out that rahasya grantha of rasAyana with a green cover. At that point out of nowhere “Pandey” appeared. We were distracted for a few moments and the rasAyana grantha was gone just as the mantra-patra-s. We stood there as though paralyzed inside a shmashAna with a vetAla relentlessly holding on to us. Like vipula we entered Jx to escape for a while. A full circle we thought as we emerged from him. By the mantra of kumAra we were stabilized.


We are not easily swayed by the unreal despite our use of colorful language. But the dhUmAvatI attack launched on the maNipUra chakra is something which will make even a skeptic of true abhichara sit up and observe. In Hindu martial tradition striking a blow at the level of the maNipUra chakra is supposed to be highly effective in knocking the wind out of the opponent. When targeted via abhichAra its effects are distinctly different from those of attacks targeting other chakra-s. An abhichAra strike on the Aj~na chakra, while pretty destructive in the immediate aftermath, can be more easily controlled by counter-prayoga (or so we have felt in the long samara who history has only be partially narrated). But that targeting the maNipUra (alone or in combination with another chakra) can also “knock wind out” and really suppress the ability to perform counter-prayoga, allowing the ari to take control. It is only if one has performed a long previous purashcharaNa one could survive the effects of such an attack without assistance. One might discount the existence of things like the maNipUra chakra – even if one is not a yogi, but faces such an attack one will be convinced of its existence. In the case of Jx it was different but he first learned of chakra-s due to such a prayoga. Jx had been struck in the Aj~na by Fourier and never really faced the strike of the kind we did. But now Fourier was gone and his abhichAra-s completely broken so the third vIra and Jx were free.

After some examination we discovered that the valaga-s from which strikes were launched were in green and blue bags – so strong was the effect that even after they were destroyed the cheTakI-s were not curtailed. saMdhya: the old name has changed after the dUradR^iShTi attack.

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