Transmission of the kAli kula tantras according to the chinchini-mata sAra samuchChaya

There was a muni named shIlAchiti in the shivapITha of shrIshaila. His son was a siddha named vidyAnanda who looked like a shAbara tribesman. He lived in shmashAna-s and performed nightly vIrasAdhana by meditating on his chakras. He went to the mountain range to the north of shrIshaila and there in a gold mine [*] dear to the gods he worshiped, desirous freedom. A tantric niShkriyAnanda was pleased with him and initiated him into the kAli krama (CMSS 7). He then transmitted the tradition of kAli krama in bhAratavarSha.

* “This cave of gold” might be identified as either one of 3 caverns recognized today: dattAtreya cave, “Akkamahadevi” cave or umAmaheshvara cave.

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