AtatAyin revealed

We wondered who the AtatAyin was,
the ari who was being a vR^itra to our kratu-s,
the vile kulu~ncha who was prowling among our possessions.
We sought the aid of the son of agni, the slayer of tAraka,
to make visible to us the unseen DAmArikA.

We spread forth the mantra of the one with spear.
With the passing of the day the son of rudra uncovered the veil,
and showed to us who the ari was!

It was the same vile DAmArikA that had haunted us for long.
We launched the operation patra-trAta.
We repeatedly called the 6-headed one to perform uchChATana
of the shishNa-devatA-s who were vR^itra-s to our kratu-s.

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