graha pratigaraM

We invoked the terrifying son of pinAkin, the seizer, the awful vinAyaka with a gleaming tusk dripping with the blood of devadviT-s gored in hand-to-hand combat. He held a frightful axe still unwashed with the blood of his foes slain in the battlefields of heaven and earth. He embraced the lovely madadravA with her eyelids gently shaded and with eyes of the form of long lotus petals casting stupefying side-glances. Seated on his lap, she grasped a wondrous lotus and tightly embraced the fiery ulka. Around them stood all manner of hideous goblins holding tridents, gadA-s, bhindipAla-s and axes.

Next we called upon the one of large goblin-like form, the ugra-bhUta, who held a heavy crooked staff and a sharp straight sword. He rode a white swift horse and was embraced by his wives pUrNA and puShkalA of pretty smiles. He was accompanied by 8 horse borne gaNa-s with deadly bows.

Then we humbly called upon the lord of the graha-s to bear us aid against the AtatAyin-s. The noise was terrifying – there were all manner of hideous roars and shrieks and cries and clangs. There was loud music filled with vIra-bhAva. There we saw a multitude of awful graha-s – some had the heads of tigers, others of elephants, others of rams and ibexes, yet others of birds and still others with bovid, rhinocerotid and reptilian heads. There were extreme fear-inspiring skandApasmara-s and vIrabAhu-dala-s. There were male and female twins mUjika and mi~njikA with maces and lances. There was bewitching mukhamaNDikA of pretty hips roving around with bands of kumAra-mAtR^i-s. In their midst was chatuShpatha-niketA, jAtahAriNI, shakunIdevI, saramAdevI and lohitAyanI of great violence, decorated with bones and venomous snakes as ornaments. There was the frightful shishu holding a trident and shAkha and vishAkha with spears. In their midst sat the illustrious dhUrta ensnared by the fair arms of the all-fascinating ShaShThI of firm breasts. We showed the trishUla mudra and the shakti mudra. We sought sAyujya with him so that we may become ghora to our bhrAtR^ivya-s.

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