samarA~NgaNa patha

Our ari-s kept up the incessant attacks on us. Now the ari-s sent their praNidhi-s to watch on us and intercepted some crucial intelligence as we were checking some fortifications – same ones we tested during the start of this drawn saga, whose history we would narrate if we survive the last battle. But as we were distracted by the deployment of praNidhi-s, the duShTa-s stole up and launched the kulu~ncha operation against us. Our prayoga-s were disrupted. But we sought the aid of the great guha, who revealed the movements of duShTa-s by the end of the day and we could launch patra-trAta to minimize our losses. Ever since the defensive patra-trAta operation was staged the khANDavans had been confounded and casting around. We knew they might do other things and were on alert as yoddha-s are supposed to be. They tried to make our vasas into a naraka by means of the ati-daghda strike. But, like rAmachandra braving the forest, we concentrating on shiva remained unfazed. They tried to surprise us by sending an arm of the senA against MPa. In the past the same senA had taken advantage of our MPa’s naiveté and managed to break through their defenses completely. As a result we also suffered a long invasion from the twin senA-s of the ari-dala. We held a long kuriltai with our janAH and warned them to be prepared as they would also be targeted. We told them: “call rakShohA agni to your aid, he who utterly burnt the dasyu-s. Be ready for both prayoga and yuddha.” We then realized that a stambhana prayoga was being used on us to incapacitate us. “The wall of the crane” we thought and sought the sought the aid of uttarAmnAyeshvarI. As we were struggling through that an extraordinary DAmArikA attack, far exceeding the previous ones, was launched on us. For some time we simply were at loss as to what to do … We then turned to the wielder of the spear again who showed us the path out of it.

Subsequently, PMa were subject to further attacks by the khANDavans, who tried to resort to all kinds of kUTa-yuddha vanishing like meghanAda in the clouds and reappearing and showering arrows on us. Moving their senA to attack *both* the kosha-s. We secured the fort on south and created the path to it. We had to now defend that path against the direct khANDavan assault as well as sabotage on the supply line.
O skanda may the dear friends attain their gati: viparItArtha.

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