Just as we were about to deploy rakShoha-agni the kulu~ncha action of the ari destroyed our prayoga. We were briefly surprised but took another route via shUlinI and indra-vajrabAhu. Then realizing that the ari would launch a mid-night attack we deployed karNa-pishAchinI. The first karNa-pishAchinI prayoga went through. The second one, which was more important appeared to first go through but was smashed by the ari counter-attack. So we then risked an attack and the 3rd kp prayoga was deployed. This appeared to go through. Then there was an audacious pre-dawn attack. Kp was called upon to feed even this time. Managing the thing was stressful though. Time alone would tell if they really worked. ari-s returned to attempt the stambhana and mAraNa; at least temporarily we averted them.

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