Our janAH clashed with the ari-dala as expected. Verily these vile khANDavans are like ahi full of wiles. They began by needling our sena as per the game plan relayed from their supreme headquarters. Our senA retaliated strongly and a pitched battle was fought for several hours with our senA keeping up the arrowy showers against the duShTa-s of khANDava. The ari-dala realized they could not pierce our vyUha and decided to resort to their time-tested tactics of kUTa-yuddha for which they were renowned as the gandhAran shakuni. These taskara-s spread a smokescreen against our senA and sent forth phantom figures to engage them. Our janAH engaged them not knowing that they had been tricked as the khANDavans escaped from this pointed attack of our men and made away laying traps and snares for our men in case they followed them.

The making use of the time they gained with their smoke-screen the kulu~ncha-s made an audacious plan to attempt an attack on our fort and the second kosha and steal our dhana. To back it up they also dispatched a prayoga against us that we noticed hitting us.

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