This had to be noted:
When the arAyA came the vAmagrAhin seized us.
When the arAyA’s shadow was away the vAmagrAhin seized us again !
Then the mantra of shrIvidyA showed its power and took us over the vAmagrAhin. We never fully understood whether or not to complete the 5th circuit of the mantra and to take the day long walk. But the consequences seem to have given the answer. We realized that we should not deploy that mantra or it may turn like the mace of shrutAyudha in the combat with kR^iShNArjunau. On that occasion the rebounding mantra completely burnt down the prayoga of the RV mantra “a-d-v-i-s-p”. We had to deploy a different mantra — one which remains inside us. So many things were parallel but the signal was clear: use a mantra but do not use the old one. We were also puzzled by the fact that then we failed to deploy the one of aryaman from the atharvaNa shruti. Like the mantras failing karNa we had been forsaken in the last moment but indra inside “t-i-a-i-h-h-s-sh-i” stood by along with agni who is durgahA. We had to cross the pa~nchami and deploy whole scale on ShaShThI.

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