The two new grAhin-s

Having evaded the vAmagrAhin we accomplished the immediate objective with reasonable success. Then on the second day after that the vAmagrAhin seemed to lose its grip like a leech touched by tobacco. Then two new frightful grAhin-s were sent against us. Evading our mantra-s like the rakSha meghanAda becoming invisible in the sky they struck us. Both the grAhin-s were utterly unexpected and nothing like what we had seen before. We just then obtained intelligence regarding the prayoga sent against our pakSha. We also realized the janAH were completely enmeshed it is jAla — so much so that they did not even know what had hit them. Of course they could not be blamed entirely because our own astra-s were baffled by these two grAhin-s. They looked like a troublesome kShudra-vidyA at the first sight, but the very fact two of them broke through, one after the other, was truely baffling.

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