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upAsana of the 11/12 vilAsinI-s

One of the (apparently) extinct and distinct branches of the kula system is the kula of the vilAsinI devI-s. Few modern upAsaka-s appear to be aware of it; in part this might be due to the extreme secrecy observed in … Continue reading

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The anti-shaiva rants of the nAstika-s

The below may offend Hindus; Hence viewer discretion is advised. Both the bauddha and jaina nAstika-s saw shaiva-s of all hues as major competitors. It is interesting to note that despite the popularity of pA~ncharAtra tantra-s much of bauddha hate … Continue reading

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The karnATa-s in Tirabhukti and Nepal

Sometimes an exploration of the evolution of the mantra-shAstra leads to a historical digression. So it was when we were trying to trace the history of the navadurgA class of texts in north-eastern India. We were urged to record a … Continue reading

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Quriltai of 2008

We wondered if the mAraNa might finally catch up with us and we may enter the realm of vaivasvata before the time really wished it to happen. We were not like in the state of the other Quriltai where the … Continue reading

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Cerebrals or retroflexes in Indo-Aryan

A question from R prompted me to look more closely at the formation of cerebrals or retroflexes in Indo-Aryan (i.e. T, Th, D, Dh, N, L, Sh). This is an important problem that Hindus should have studied but have tended … Continue reading

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Fierce battling

Fourier’s men surrendered to the amAtya and sachiva. The second one of Fourier confirmed that the back-hurl performed by MM on behalf of PM (before he himself was taken out) had found it is mark. The blow was so severe … Continue reading

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First grAhin remains

The first grAhin pursued us like the gandharva pursuing the bharadvAja marked for destruction by the kAshyapa. It was spreading terror much like that grAhin sent against us in the same context last year around the same time. That one … Continue reading

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