The anti-shaiva rants of the nAstika-s

The below may offend Hindus; Hence viewer discretion is advised.

Both the bauddha and jaina nAstika-s saw shaiva-s of all hues as major competitors. It is interesting to note that despite the popularity of pA~ncharAtra tantra-s much of bauddha hate is particularly directed at the shaiva-s rather than vaiShNava-s. While shuddhodana-putra was a subversionist, he cannot be described as having special hate for his Astika rivals. But his successors definitely had a considerable hate for Astika-s in general and shaiva-s in particular. In contrast, we do not see this level of directed spite and hate on the Astika side. The unidirectionality of it suggests that the nAstika-s indeed had an inferiority complex and were vigorously competing with Astika-s and did everything to absorb key elements of their new innovations. So it not at all surprising when we hear of tales of nAstika-s oppressing Astika-s. The lurid and obscene details of the nAstIka hate for Astika-s has often been concealed from audiences due their sheer repulsiveness. However, we felt that some of this may be made public for the sake of information. It must be mentioned that some of the promulgators of these nAstika shAstra-s were brAhmaNa-s with a new convert’s zeal. But in practical terms I was reminded of R1’s father’s special experience in Nepal in the form of the mantra-battle he had fought in his youth, which I described earlier.

1) sarva-tathAgata-tattva-saMgraha; 6th paTala
The buddha vairochana seated on the top of meru asked the bodhisattva vajrapANi to enter his maNDala. He said he would not enter until he had subjugated all the Astika devatA-s. So vairochana started uttering incantations to bind and drag all devatA-s before his abode on meru. He also dragged the terrible maheshvara and his gaNa-s there, whom the other tathAgata-s had till then failed to conquer. The devatA-s were commanded by vajrapANi to accept the nAstika-vrata-s and convert to the bauddha-mata. mahAdeva was enraged and declared that he is the supreme deity and source and end of the universe, who will not take orders from a mere yakSha like vajrapANi. vajrapANi retorted that he who eats corpses and whose clothes, bed and food are funeral ashes should surrender. But maheshvara refuses and displayed his terrifying mahArudra and mahAbhairava forms. Upon seeing those awful forms of rudra, vairochana uttered the mantra “OM nisumbha vajra huM phaT” and vajrapANi utters a loud “hUM”. rudra is killed by this mantra and the other devatA-s beg the buddha and bodhisattva to spare them. They declared that they did not understand the bauddha-dharma and it would be un-bauddha of a merciful bodhisattva to kill them. So vajrapAni restored them and made them his attendants. He then uttered “vajrAyuH” and brought mahAdeva back to life but he refused to convert and declared that he would die rather than convert to the bauddha-mata, and again showed his terrifying mahArudra form. There upon vajrapAni bound him and his shakti umA with his mantra-s and tramples them under his left and right foot respectively uttering the formula “OM vajrAvisha hanaya traM traT. He then laughed loudly, even as the three worlds declared vajrapANi the victor. By the touch of the feet of vajrapANi and the power of vairochana’s mantra “OM buddhamaitri vajrarakSha hUM” acting on mahAdeva he became a new buddha known as bhasmeshvara-nirghoSha. He became the presiding buddha of the realm known as bhasmAchChanna in a distant universe from this triloka. Then vajrapANi trampled successively nArAyaNa, kumAra, brahmA and indra and they too were transformed into tutelary deities of the maNDala after being given *new names*.

2) guhyagarbha, 15th paTala
maheshvara starts propagating tantra-s that negate the concepts of shUNyata and anAtman. He was sent to different naraka-s for this by the tathAgata but he escapes and emerges as rudra who terrorizes the world with diseases. In order to “rescue” rudra from the ocean of saMsAra the tathAgata spawns a kulA~nganA named krodheshvarI. As a result of their coitus a host of devatA-s is born to conquer rudra and his gaNa-s. Then the tathAgata himself assumes the form of heruka with 3 heads, six hands and four legs and tramples rudra and umA under his feet. But rudra and chaNdikA escape and return to take control of the triloka. So he becomes an even more dreadful heruka with 9 heads, 18 hands and 8 legs and with his host seizes rudra and his gaNas and disembowels them. Then he cuts their limbs to pieces and eats their flesh and drinks their blood. Then he uses their skulls as ritual bowls and bones as ornaments. He digests rudra and his host but discards their hearts and sense organs and finally excretes them into a giant ocean of crap that is then drunk up by his attendant uchChuShma-krodha. Then maheshvara and his gaNa-s are revived and seated as attendant deities in heruka’s yantra. The wives, daughters and mothers of rudra and his gaNa-s are given to heruka, uchChuShma-krodha and others as sexual partners for their kula rites.

3) A rant of the old school Tibetan Lama Bu ston from around 1300 CE
maheshvara at the head of asuras, nAgas, yakShas and rakShas takes control of 24 holy pITha-s of bhAratavarSha. As mahAdeva was in maithuna with his shakti kAlarAtri he asks his hordes to set up and worship 24 li~Nga-s. The primal buddha vajradhara assumes the form of heruka on meru and emanates 24 DAkinI-s and vIra-s with whom he subjugates the devatA-s and crushes the li~Nga-s at the 24 pITha-s. In their place he introduces the practice of the bauddha-kaula doctrines.

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