A notable brAhminical clan

Some research into the brAhmaNa-s of the drAviDa country of the vaDama sect and the bhArgava gotra leads to an interesting family that was active in the Middle Vijayanagaran period in the court at Hampe. The patriline belonged to the jAmadagnya vatsa bhArgava gotra.
aruNagirinAtha-I composed a work on human anatomy, classification of constitutions and drugs termed the shAriraka-sutra-guNa-pATha. He was in the court of devarAya-II
-His uncle diNDima-bhaTTa was a kavi in the court of devarAya-I. He was a reputable shrI-vidyA Tantric and composed a commentary on the saundaryalaharI
-rAjanAtha diNDima-II composed the sAluvAbhyudaya.
-diNDima sArvabhauma composed the rAmAbhyudaya
-aruNagiri-II composed the virabhadravijaya narrating the destruction of dakSha.
-rAjanAtha-III composed the achyutarAyAbyudaya
Their works are important primary sources of Vijayanagaran history.

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