The battle with the AkrAnta

The ari-s had always wished evil to befall us and tried a dreadful prayoga that unleashed the grAhin on us. We were tormented by the grAhin even as we headed to the rudhira-sIma. But we invoked skanda to come to our aid. One the first day the grAhin of our ari-s seemed to keep us down. But on the second the darts of kumAra expressed their miraculous effects and the grAhin could not even near us. Seeing this the ari-s decided to try the other subversive attack that they had been plotting for long against us. For two days our dUradR^iShTi had been hampered, but again kArttikeya enabled us to regain this. At this point we were able to uncover the ari-s evil moves. The slow movements of the amAtya and the sachiva were a matter that was bogging us to a degree. We also obtained intelligence that the ari-s were working heard to revive the grAhin around 1.30 AM.

As expected we were attacked by the revived grAhin of the pashu-s. With the aid of Jx we reached the temple of kArttikeya and duly propitiated the fierce god. In the coming few days we expect the full-fledged clash with the AtatAyin developing even as the amAtya and sachiva are retreat to kantapura amongst the AngalIka-s.

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