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A sign from the deva

We felt we received a sign from the lord of ShaShThI, accompanied by revatI and other hosts. It happened while exploring: Z[n+1]=Fn1(Z[n+1]); Z[n+1]=Z[n]-((P1*Z[n]^4 -P2*Z[n]+P1)/(4*P1*Z[n]^3)); Fn1=ArcSin or Sinh; P1=1+i; P2=0 The ShaTkoNa yantra manifested in the middle of the spanda.

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j~nAnavajra (Mongolian: oender-gegen zanabazar), descendent of Chingiz Kha’Khan via Tusheet Khan and Kandjamts Khatun was undoubtedly one of the greatest figures in Central Asia after his illustrious ancestors. j~nAnavajra saw himself as the merger of two lineages of the tradition … Continue reading

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