We sought to experience the might of the great aghora, the god of the gods, the great bhairava. kubjIshAna is coupled with the great devI samayA, who as kAmeshvarI manifests as the ShoDashI vidyA and who as vakreshvarI shines in the midst of the samvartAmaNDalA. His bIja appearing as the bIja of the 9 tattva-s in the niHshvAsa-tattva saMhitA of the Urdhva-srotas, manifesting as a bIja in the circle of the frightful kapAlIsha bhairava conjoined with rakta-chAmuNDA of the brahma yAmala from the vidyA-pITha, as a bIja of the circle of svachChanda bhairava in the svachChanda tantra from the mantra-pITha, a bIja of Ananda-bhairava in the shrIkula tradition and as the bIja of the splendid aghora in the pashchimAmnAya.

aghora’s whole form, a manifestation of power, is apparent in the glorious mantra: hskShmlvryUM. Hence he is called navAtman. The great bhairavI as his counterpart is seen in the mantra: hskShmlvryIM. vakreshvarI manifesting as the mistress of chandrapura manifests as the vAg-bhava. Hence her second mantra is aIM. Manifesting as chi~nchinI she is seen as the great mantra hskhphreM. Hence by saMpuTIkaraNa we get her magnificent tri-crested mantra aIM hskhphreM hskShmlvryIM.

To experience aghora conjoined with vakreshvarI we headed from the great flat plateau in the sahyAdri with our companions to that great row of cliffs filled with the chi~ncha trees beneath which rests the great devI samvartA. Then we arrived at the above pitR^ivana, where one can clearly see the calcinated bones whitening the banks of the lake. At its edge is situated a grove of chi~ncha trees and beneath one such tree we took our station, surrounded by osseous fragments and ash. Then performing purashcharaNa and dhyAna on the secret yantra hidden in the saMvartAmaNDala sUtra-s we attained the state of yoga and sAyujya with the yAmala. We saw in the li~nga under the chi~ncha tree udyAna-bhairava, the sight of whom is the temporary condition of all-knowledge. In a state of inspiration we uttered the daNDakaM of chandrapura:
“pAdArgalais te .api tvan-nAma-sa~NkIrtanAd devi mu~nchanti
ghorair mahA-vyAdhibhiH saMsmR^itya pAdAravinda-dvayaM te
mahA-kAli kAlAgni-tejaHprabhe skanda-govinda-brahmendra-chandrArka-
puShpAyudhair mauli-mAlA-lasat-padma-ki~njalkasat-pi~njaraiH sevyase
sarva-vIrAmbike bhairavI bhairavas te sharaNyAgato .ahaM”

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