Strange memories of German poems

R was pretty excited at having procured the kapphiNa-abhyudaya for only $5 and stated her plan to work through it over the next several months as a part of her program to stave of mental aging and keep her astronomical IQ intact. Her mention of this suddenly reminded me of our Acharya’s free-form commentary on the same. Commenting on the famous battle scene he described it as an example of the supposed AgneyAstra prayoga by the tathAgata in defense of the ikShvAku-s against the invading kapphiNa. He actually saw it as a reason to believe that indra-jAla and astra prayoga were an intrinsic aspect of the tathAgata’s ways to spread his dharma. At least going by the kapphiNa-abhyudaya this seemed likely. I heard R say something to Marc in German. I was reminded of something she told me shortly after dashAnta, may be a few days after the cracker box yakShinI story: How I was studying the language of these awful mlechCha-s, while she was laboring over deva-bhASha, claiming to understand the wonderful shloka-s that mahADambara was composing to entertain us :-). With some glee I conveyed it to Marc, much to his amusement. But later we compared notes on respective courses of study: she was able pursue her sAdhana more deeply due to her laboring on deva-bhASha. But what did we get from our laboring on the mlechCha-bhASha – well, we gained some understanding of the evolutionary trends in Indo-European. But in the process some poems stuck in our intra-cranial landscape for unknown reasons and we were reminded of them due to a quotation by Marc. Both the muni and I, for inexplicable reasons, were enormously impressed by Heinrich Heine, in particular by “Die Grenadiere”. For some reason “Babylonische Sorgen” which we found in pitAshrI’s German text book was also hovering in our head. It has a weird reference to vinAyaka: “Wie Gott Ganesa in Hindostan…”

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