The yuddha resumes

dhumaketu: The amAtya and sachiva were also attacked but the spasha-s say that they stood firm. The agent of the duShTa-s lured us for a direct battle. This happened after the below events.

The sachiva and amAtya were unsure if anything was going to happen at all. Indeed, they mentioned this triumphantly to the adhyakSha-s of the 3rd vIra. We obtained intelligence from that remaining vIra that MM had foolishly turned traitorous. That vIra himself was bound by his own problems and could do little. But we knew for sometime that in the field of mantra prayoga as well as the laukIka yuddha, we could not depend on others. We also knew that the final yuddha in all its a~Nga-s will be fought on the strength of our own arms. If we survive we will rule again, if we fall in battle we would merged with the bhUta-s. So MM becoming traitorous was of little consequence to us thought it did distract us. We wanted to invade the new front of eka-shulbArIya hala. But we faced a strange distraction and felt the effects of the prayoga upon us that had triply broken our vinAyaka prayoga. It was the netrAgni. We were laid low by it in a state of slumber. With the amAtya and the sachiva separated from the main senAmukha we faced an unexpected attack from the ari-s who since that fateful encounter of the autumn evening were doggedly pursuing us. A big yuddha had opened – it threatened to sap our existence when so many other things needed attention.
“The vAnara-s hurled their rocks on kumbhakarNa but he moved on unaffected.”

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